Let This Grieving Soul Retire Gets TV Anime Adaptation

The Let This Grieving Soul Retire (Nageki no Bourei wa Intai Shitai) light novel series will be made into a TV anime in 2024 by studio Zero-G. The initial cast members are Kensho Ono as the main character Krai, and Miyu Kubota as one of the heroines – Tino Shade. Readers can check out the announcement trailer with English subtitles and the first teaser visual below:

The teaser visual can be seen below:

Let This Grieving Soul Retire first teaser visual

The Let This Grieving Soul Retire anime staff are:

  • Original Work: Tsukikage
  • Light Novel Character Design: Chyko
  • Director: Masahiro Takata
  • Series Composition: Hideki Shirane
  • Anime Character Design: Yusuke Isouchi, Shingo Fujisaki
  • Art Director: Risa Tsushima (Studio Kusanagi)
  • Assistant Art Director: Saho Yamane (Studio Kusanagi)
  • Art Setting: Shuhei Tada (Studio Kusanagi)
  • Color Design: Atsushi Furukawa
  • 3D Director: Tomo Yoshinori
  • Director of Photography: Kosuke Tanaka
  • Editing: Masaki Utsunomiya
  • Sound Director: Masahiro Takata
  • Sound Production: Saber Links
  • Music: Ryohei Sataka
  • Music Production: Avex Pictures
  • Animation Studio: Zero-G

Let This Grieving Soul Retire began as a web novel on Shosetsuka ni Narou in January 2018 and received an official light novel publication by Micro Magazine in August of the same year. The series has over 1.3 million copies in circulation across 10 novels released as of May 2023, with the 11th dropping on February 29, 2024. Let This Grieving Soul Retire was also adapted into a manga series, serialized in Kadokawa’s Dengeki Comics Next. The ninth volume will be released on February 26, 2024, making this a pretty good month for fans.

J-Novel Club licenses the light novel series while Yen Press licenses the manga. The former is described as:
It’s the golden age for treasure hunters—adventurers hungry for wealth, fame, power, and glory, who risk their lives in treasure vaults throughout the world. “Let’s become treasure hunters.” Krai and his childhood friends swore to become the greatest of them all, but that dream should have died the day Krai realized he wasn’t cut out for the job! Yet expectations continue to mount, right along with Krai’s fear for his life. While his childhood friends climb closer toward their dream, this grieving soul has one simple wish: to pack it all in and retire!

Source: Official Website
© Tsukikage, Chyko / Micro Magazine / Let This Grieving Soul Retire Production Committee

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