Nobuhiko Okamoto Debuts as a Manga Creator with One-Shot BL Manga Boku no Kamikakushi

Voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto debuted as a manga creator with his one-shot boys’ love (BL) manga Boku no Kamikakushi (My Spirited Away). The 50-page one-shot BL manga was published on Hakusensha’s Manga Park website and app on February 10 and can be read for free. Nobuhiko Okamoto is credited as the manga’s creator, Mai Tomai as the manga’s illustrator, and Production Beijyu as the scriptwriter.

Boku no Kamikakushi (My Spirited Away) – Cover Illustration

The manga follows the story of two childhood friends, Uzuki, who is a timid crybaby, and Haruto, who always protects him from bullies. One day, they are kidnapped and forced to participate in a death game set up by an anonymous mastermind. Boku No Kamikakushi was brought to life at Nobuhiko Okamoto’s Snack Time event on February 10, where Takuya Eguchi (Loid Forger in Spy×Family) and Kazuki Ura (Isagi Yoichi in Blue Lock) made guest appearances. Okamoto’s fellow voice actors read the manga and brought the characters to life, with Eguchi taking on the role of Haruto and Ura portraying Uzuki. Okamoto expressed his gratitude in his post on X after the event, where he compares Eguchi’s portrayal of Haruto to “the sun,” and Ura’s as “perfect” for Uzuki’s “pure” character.

via Nobuhiko Okamoto’s X account
From left to right: Kazuki Ura (Uzuki), Eguchi Takuya (Haruto), Nobuhiko Okamoto (‘Boku no Kamikakushi’ Creator)

Nobuhiko Okamoto is a voice actor from Tokyo, Japan. Okamoto’s most notable roles include Katsuki Bakugo in My Hero Academia, Karma Akabane in Assassination Classroom, Takumi Usui in Maid Sama!, Yuu Nishinoya in Haikyuu!!, and Himmel in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. He also debuted as a singer in 2012 with the EP “Palette.” Okamoto is also skilled in Japanese chess, also known as shogi, and holds Shogi Certification in 3rd Class.

Source: Yahoo! Japan
© Nobuhiko Okamoto, Mai Tomai / Production Beijyu, Hakusensha

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