Muku Studio Announces Two New Adult Movies!

Hi, guys. Today I come with two news from Muku studio, as they have revealed their two upcoming movies! The first one is a new live-action adaptation for Suimitsu Shoujo.

Original title: MUDR-251 水蜜少女 3 4 5 多感な制服巨乳少女が性に目覚めて積極的になっていく姿を描いたエロ同人誌の金字塔・堂々完結! 柏木こなつ
Cast: Konatsu Kashiwagi
Runtime: 2 h
Release date: March 15
Label/Company: Muku

It is worth mentioning that this new porn movie is a remake for MUDR-149, movie released on June 10, 2021, which adapts Suimitsu Shoujo‘s final episodes. If you want more information about these movies, you can check the following post: Teasing Schoolgirl is Abused by Her Teacher

After Mika is raped by her teacher, she awakens her sexual desire and spends much of the summer vacation fucking her middle-aged teacher.

The next Muku movie is sure to please Gals and Incest fans, as it’s the live-action adaptation for “I Can’t Handle My Former Bookworm Little Sister Now That She’s a Slut!” doujinshi!

Original title: MUDR-252 元陰キャの巨乳ヤリマン妹がエロすぎて、お兄ちゃんはもう…!! 実写版 ヤリマンだけどお兄ちゃんのことが大好きな金髪ギャルで巨乳の妹と生姦中出しヤリまくり! 花柳杏奈
Cast: Anna Hanayagi
Runtime: 2 h
Release date: March 15
Label/Company: Muku

I Can’t Handle My Former Bookworm Little Sister Now That She’s a Slut! (Moto InCha no Kyonyuu Yariman Imouto ga Erosugite, Onii-chan wa Mou…!!) is a DLsite exclusive doujinshi by artist Yuu Ichinomiya. Its first doujinshi was released on June 19, 2021.

I have a sister who’s two years younger than me. She’s the plain, bookish type, so I never paid her much mind. But one day, everything changed.

That was the day she got a cell phone. After that she got into makeup, started to dress flashy and dye her hair, and got pretty cute… she was like a totally different person.

She also started using lots of dating apps and playing around with men. She’s become a real woman, and lately I’ve found myself sort of fascinated…

One day I walked into the living room, and there she was asleep on the couch. Her sexy body was utterly defenseless. So, I had my fun with her tits, ass, and pussy, and then I kept going… I took off her panties and jacked off while looking at her bare pussy. I ended up blowing a huge load all over her, too.

Later that night, I opened my eyes, and my sister was on top of me!
She said she was getting revenge for earlier by sucking my dick.

“Wanting to fuck your sister is pretty gross lol” she said. Well, I took that as a challenge and started licking her between the legs. That’ll show her! I still came first, though.

“You must be frustrated that I beat you.” she sneered, presenting her well-used pussy to me. And things only got more intense from there… I thought it would never end!

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