Platinum End

Mirai Kakehashi is a young student fed up with a life of abuse from his uncle and aunt who raised him since his parents' death, but is saved by a Guardian Angel called Nasse after attempting to commit suicide. Upon learning from Nasse that his foster parents were responsible for the deaths of his father and mother, Mirai uses the powers she bestowed him in order to confront them and enact justice. 

However, Mirai's ordeals are just beginning as Nasse soon after informs him that God will retire in 999 days and thirteen candidates to replace him were selected including Mirai himself. To make matters worse, not only can Mirai not refuse to take part in the contest to decide the next God, but among the other candidates there are those capable of anything to win, including killing all the Competitors as soon as possible.

Main Mirai Kakehashi (架橋 明日, Kakehashi Mirai) Voiced by: Miyu Irino He was raised by his abusive uncle and aunt after his family were killed in a car crash. The abuse he endured resulted in him trying to commit suicide by throwing himself from a tower block, but he is saved by Nasse. Using the arrows he discovers that his uncle and aunt murdered his family, he accidentally kills his aunt and then makes his uncle turn himself in. Upon knowing of Metropoliman's plans, Mirai joins forces with Saki and Nanato to stop him, not only to protect themselves, but to prevent him from becoming God as well. Nasse (ナッセ) Voiced by: Yui Ogura Mirai's angel. All angels bestow special abilities on their hosts and based on their rank, the abilities they bestow vary. Nasse is a special-rank angel, granting Mirai all three angel abilities including wings which grants Mirai the ability to fly, a white arrow that allows the user to instantly kill anyone it hits, and a red arrow that allows the user to make whoever it hits fall in love with them for 33 days, though not if the target is already under the influence of another user's red arrow. Her main desire is to make Mirai happy. Despite having a cute face, she has the habit of making some cruel remarks.

 Saki Hanakago (花籠 咲, Hanakago Saki) Voiced by: M.A.O Saki is Mirai's classmate, his love interest, and coincidentally, a God candidate as well. Once she learns that he does not intend to kill her, Saki teams up with Mirai to deal with Metropoliman. Saki and Mirai were once childhood friends, but after his parents' death, Mirai became the target of bullying from his classmates and Saki did nothing to stop them out of peer pressure. She witnessed Mirai's suicide attempt in the beginning of the series, and out of guilt, she also did so by trying to drown herself on the sea, leading her to meet Revel and become a God candidate. Revel (ルベル, Ruberu) Voiced by: Natsuki Hanae Saki's angel. He is rather calculating and manipulative, a trait that is considered by Nasse to be the reason why he was relegated to be second-rank angel, thus capable only of bestowing Saki with the red arrow. Once he decides to become more useful to Saki, Revel decides to study the knowledge of the heavens, in order to increase his rank and grant wings to Saki, but fails. However, when Revel sheds tears at not being of further use to Saki, God promotes him to first-rank and bestows him the title of "Angel of Emotion", as no angel had shed tears for a human before. This rank raise grants him the ability to bestow wings onto Saki.

"Platinum End" Release Date 7th October!

Platinum End Release Date & New Visual

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