“Succubus Connect!” & “Mugoku no Kuni no Alice” will have new episodes!

Hi guys, A1C has some great news today! First let’s talk about Magin Label, this popular label has confirmed new episodes for Succubus★Connect! and Mugoku no Kuni no Alice!

Yuina, who was lost in the mysterious world, trains with a succubus to return to her world, increasing her power through explicit sexual acts. Although she is shy, Yuina helps a blacksmith with unmotivated miners in Gaia Mine by having sex with them as part of her training.

Alice finds herself trapped in a spooky world, connected by a series of mysterious rooms. Despite being afraid, she struggles to escape with her beloved older sister. Sometimes she has terrifying nightmares, but she is not sure if they are really dreams. Alice discovers that her sexual desires come true in this world, even as she is raped by mysterious men and tentacle-like creatures. Everything Alice desires will come true in this world. The slimes writhe inside her and a multitude of tentacles rape her pussy. Is this a tragic dream on loop or reality? In either case, this represents Alice’s “real” desires.

Both episodes look very promising, however, Mugoku no Kuni no Alice looks like fans of lolicon and hardcore tentacle sex will love it, while Succubus★Connect! seems to be more suitable for a wider audience due to its orgy fetish.

If you are interested in watching either of these episodes, you will be pleased to know that both are set to be released on July 26.


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