Konomi ja Nai kedo Episode 2 Excites with Its Preview Images

Good morning guys. Mary Jane has given a good news today because they have presented the preview images of Konomi ja Nai kedo episode 2, the incest hentai that has debuted recently.

This new OVA looks more romantic and horny than the previous one, I guess it will be a hit among incest fans.

Keep in mind that this new episode will be released on June 7. This information is important because its trailer could be revealed two weeks before its OVA released. We will be eagerly waiting to see that trailer.

Ritsu and Kyouya, driven by the situation, cross the line as siblings and have sex. Despite feeling mutually attracted, they continue to fight. The first night they’re alone while their parents are traveling results in a fight. Kyouya tries to flee, but Ritsu stops him, causing both to fall to the ground. A moment of silence ensues as they remain in a compromising position. During that night, there’s nothing to prevent them from fulfilling their desires.


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