Nur Confirms Second OVA for 69: Itsuwari no Hohoe

Great news, guys. A1C has already announced their April hentai releases! The first release is the second OVA of 69: Itsuwari no Hohoe.

Aoi Midori, who was trying to correct her mistake, ends up being raped for her failed attempt at blackmail and revenge towards Izumi. The sexual abuse continues in the infirmary, but they are observed by Maho, Izumi’s fiancée. Now that she knows the true relationship between them, Aoi vows to submit to her teacher to make amends for everything she has done.

There are two clarifications I need to address: Due to a misunderstanding in the synopsis of the first OVA, we have made some modifications to that synopsis. Don’t worry, the only changes were in the gender of Izumi and Majo. In this new OVA, there is a mention of a girl who goes on compensated dates (Papa Katsu); however, the mention is so ambiguous that I did not include it in the synopsis. It is very likely that we’ll have to change the name of this anime to “69: Itsuwari no Bishou” because many database websites have listed it under this name.

If you’re interested in watching this new OVA, I inform you that it will be released on April 26.



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