‘Mizugi Kanojo The Animation’ Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

Mizugi Kanojo The Animation, a popular comedy and swimsuit hentai, has just celebrated its 15th anniversary since its release.

The hentai is inspired by Mizugi Kanojo erotic manga by artist Bosshi, which began serialization on July 20, 2007 in Kairakuten Comic magazine.

Su adaptación animada hizo su debut el 23 de enero de 2009 bajo la reconocida marca de Pink Pineapple. El hentai concluyó el 21 de noviembre del mismo año con cuatro episodios animados.

The animated series made its debut on January 23, 2009, and was under Pink Pineapple label. The hentai concluded on November 21, 2009 with four animated episodes.

The story begins with a pair of young lovers, the busty Mizuho-chan, and the well endowed Hiro-kun. One night Hiro suggests that Mizuho should try swimming to get in shape. He even offers to coach her after hours at the pool where he works since she can’t swim very well. Mizuho’s new workout plan turns out to be much more exciting than expected…

Meanwhile Takuya-kun finds himself in a compromising situation with his clumsy but beautiful neighbor Sayaka-chan…

Some time later, Mizuhono and Hiro go to a beach to have fun, but they are not the only ones doing so because Takuya and his neighbor Sayaka also go.

Julie and her companion went to a store to buy a swimsuit. What she didn’t imagine is that this situation would make her very horny.

Shiori, who was invited on a date for the first time, seeks her sister’s help for advice on what to do. However, instead of teaching her about dating, her sister teaches her how to fuck men.

The kunoichi Kuu has an important assassination mission, but she was defeated and raped by her enemies.

Natsuki enters Jun’s room to wake her up, but she pretends to be asleep to seduce him with her partially naked body.

Marina, an insecure girl, comes to the wrong conclusion that her boyfriend is cheating on her. To overcome her insecurities, she decides to make a complete change in her appearance.

Hiro has an accident when he is caught by his girlfriend, Mizuho, watching porn movies. Later, the couple have sex on the hospital rooftop., but they are observed by the kunoichi Kuu, who traveled through time due to a strange event. However, she wasn’t the only one who traveled to the future, as her enemies did too.

Suzuka and Marino are both interested in Shou, so they constantly compete for his attention. One day, the two girls continue their rivalry, but this time the battle is sexual.

At night, while Hiro was watching a movie, he is discovered by Kuu. Although initially startled, he hugs her, mistaking her for his girlfriend Mizuho due to their strong resemblance. After fucking with her and Mizuho being raped by a nurse alongside Kuu’s enemies, Kuu rescues them from the other ninjas and they are sent back to their time, or so it seems.

Although the exact sales numbers for Mizugi Kanojo The Animation are not known, it is presumed to be a complete success because initially, two episodes were planned for the series, but it was extended with two more. Abroad, the series was also very popular. Despite its old-fashioned drawing style, the anime is still remembered today for its comedic plot.

  1. The hentai was animated by the renowned studio T-Rex and directed by the acclaimed director Tatsumi.
  2. Mizugi Kanojo The Animation is the third animated hentai directed by Tatsumi. The first one was Aneki… My Sweet Elder Sister The Animation.
  3. With the exception of the anime series Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan, Mizugi Kanojo The Animation, and Aneki… My Sweet Elder Sister The Animation, these are the ones with the most episodes directed by Tatsumi.
  4. The animated adaptation of Mizugi Kanojo features several stories from the manga. However, the main plot of this hentai focuses on Mizuho and the kunoichi Kuu.
  5. Mizugi Kanojo The Animation adapts the following stories from the manga in this order: “Summer Jumbo Mizuho!“, “Akari no Trouble“, “Mizuho! Exercise!“, “Shiroi Yuuwaku“, “Karenna Tehodoki“, “Danin – Onmitsu Kunoichi Injoku Emaki“, “Mizugi Kanojo: Mizuho Toki wo Koete“, “Marshmallow Morning” y “1+1 Kanojo“.
  6. All the animated stories take place in the same world, with the exception of “Marshmallow Morning” (Marina’s story) and “1+1 Kanojo” (Suzuka and Marino’s story). These last two are presented as porn movies that Hiro watches starting from the third OVA.
  7. At the beginning of its second OVA, in Julie’s story part, Mizuho can be seen in the same store buying a swimsuit.
  8. In the third episode, after watching the porn movie “Marshmallow Morning” and experiencing the accident, Marina’s story begins with the sound of the ambulance transporting Hiro to the hospital.
  9. The animated series features new scenes and events not found in the manga. The most significant change is in the story of the kunoichi Kuu, specifically the part where she travels to the future, as this plot is entirely original to the hentai.
  10. The reason Mizuho and Kuu resemble each other is because Kuu is Mizuho’s ancestor. However, due to the last words Kuu said to Hiro before being sent to the past, it is theorized that Mizuho could be her reincarnation.
  11. The popular and humorous “You are cordially invited to fuck my ass.” meme belongs to a scene from its second OVA where the young Shiori is invited on her first date.

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