New Movie Confirmed for Karami Zakari Series!

Congratulations Karami Zakari fans, the Kawaii studio in collaboration with MOODYZ, is going to release a new movie in this series!

The movie CAWD-578 カラミざかり番外編 ~竹内先輩と部室~ kawaii*×MOODYZコラボ企画!超人気作家 桂あいり原作 累計400万部超え名シリーズ実写化! 伊藤舞雪 will be based on Karami Zakari Bangaihen 2 doujinshi, has a duration of 121 minutes, and will be starring actress Mayuki Ito. Its digital release date is set for November 3.

Karami Zakari Bangaihen 2 ~Takeuchi Senpai To Bushitsu~ is a doujinshi belonging to Karami Zakari series by artist Katsura Airi. In this story, we learn what happened to Takashi after the friendship in his group fell apart.


After spending several days of promiscuity with his friends and the rape they suffered, Takashi returns to baseball club. One afternoon, when he was alone with the popular manager of the club, he proposes to her that they have sex. He thought she would reject him because she is a neat girl and a model student, but she ended up accepting because of Takashi’s sexual abilities. Now that he has replaced his old life with his friends with a new one, he spends his time having sex at school and love hotels with his girlfriend.

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