Ura Jutaijima Now Available with English Translation!

Yesterday, we informed you that the ANIPHA store began publishing translations of hentai animated by T-Rex studio. Today, they have announced a new translation!

The newly translated hentai is Ura Jutaijima, a hentai about students who are shipwrecked on an island that contains a dangerous virus. The English version is titled Ura・Jutaizima, and each episode will cost $30. If you wish to purchase it, you can do so here:

We hope that ANIPHA’s project is successful, as it could pave the way for more series to receive legal translations into English. We’ll keep you informed when they announce more translated hentai.

The school trip is very fatal. A ship carrying students for a holiday trip, was suddenly crushed by a storm, fortunately those who survived, were stranded on a strange island. On the Island, the behavior of girls becomes strange due to a strange virus infection. The virus makes the girls feel aroused and can not control themselves. The only way is to give sperm regularly, it can make them immune from virus attacks. If they are not given enough sperm, then it will make a heart attack from an unrelenting arousal….

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