Shounen ga Otona ni Natta Natsu Announces Its Second OVA!

In other news, Media Bank has confirmed that Shounen ga Otona ni Natta Natsu, Queen Bee‘s new romantic hentai, will have a second OVA.

For now, it is only known that this new episode will be released on October 25. We’ll inform you as soon as more information about the episode is revealed.

After Ryuki had sex with the porn actress Kiriru, he met up with his friends at a river to swim naked. While trying to brag about his conquest with Kiriru, she suddenly appeared and scolded him for not fulfilling their agreement. As punishment, Ryuki had to record a homemade porn video in which Kiriru would have sex with his friends. During the sexual act, Ryuki felt jealousy and regret, and vented his frustration on Kiriru’s body.

Shounen ga Otona ni Natta Natsu is a hentai shotacon manga by artist Jairou that was serialized in December 2022 in Comic MILF magazine. On July 4, Media Bank revealed that they would be adapting this doujinshi. Its animated version will be released under the Queen Bee label, with the first episode debuting on September 6. The manga revolves around a child who has sex with a popular internet porn star.


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