‘Sakusei Byoutou The Animation’ Episode 9 Present Its First Images

Good news for S&M nurse fans! Prink Pineapple has released preview images for Sakusei Byoutou The Animation episode 9!

In these preview images, the Tendou sisters appear. They are the wildest nurses in the hospital.

Since this OVA is going to premiere on August 30, its trailer should be released soon. We’ll inform you when it’s published.

Yamada, who has been mistreated by unpleasant nurses and has become a broken person both physically and mentally, will now be cared for by Nurse Tendou Mia, who is eccentric and a psychopath. Despite her unstable behavior in the hospital, Mia is backed by her sister Kangoshichou, a person who controls everything in the hospital.

A small accident has caused Mia’s mind to become more unstable, and Yamada is forced to face the furious retaliation of Kangoshichou, who is willing to do anything to protect her sister’s “ideal world” and her own, even if that puts Yamada’s life in danger.


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