New Episodes of Dearest Blue and Shuumatsu Hospital Unveil First Images

Good morning, guys. Today A1C surprised us with three interesting news about their August releases. The first one is Dearest Blue episode 2, as its preview images were presented!

The second news is about Shuumatsu Hospital episode 2 preview images! Enjoy them.

The images show the idol being corrupted with sex and the insane nurse fucking her nurse friend’s fiancé.

If you like corrupted and degenerate girls, don’t miss these episodes. We’ll let you know when their trailers are released.

In spite of Rio’s pleas for help, Mamoru only watches as she is raped by her agency’s president, Akitsugawa. Devastated, Rio surrenders herself to the sexual abuse by her president. When Mamoru, who secretly waited for the perfect opportunity to save her, is shocked to see Rio with a submissive and flattering attitude, completely different from that of his childhood friend.

In the hospital, late at night, Misuzu and Shinichi engage in a passionate sexual relationship while Mie and Rika watch in amazement. Confused, Rika secretly follows Misuzu during her night rounds. Using the pretext of exchanging money, Misuzu provides intimate care to patients. Captivated by Misuzu, Shinichi forgets his former lover, Mie, who, although outwardly calm, is consumed by dark feelings inside.



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