‘Mukuchi na Tosho Iin to Sex Zuke.’ Adult Movie Announces Sequel

Good morning, everyone. The following news might interest porn movie fans, as MOODYZ and Fitch studios have collaborated to bring the sequel to “Mukuchi na Tosho Iin to Sex Zuke.” a doujinshi that received a live-action adaptation a month ago.

Title: Sex with a silent library committee member. Summer vacation edition kawaii*×MOODYZ collaboration project! Original work: Yuzuha The long-awaited sequel to the series, which has sold over 100,000 copies, is now on screen. Natsu Hinata
Cast: Sakura Miura
Runtime: 120 min
Release date: August 2
Label/Company: Fitch

Mukuchi na Tosho Iin to Sex Zuke. (Addicted to Sex With a Taciturn Library Committee Member) is a doujinshi series by artist Yuzuha that went on sale on December 30, 2019. On June 14, MOODYZ studio released MIMK-163, the first movie based on the doujinshi. Addicted to Sex With a Taciturn Library Committee Member is about Akemi, the library manager, who begins a sexual relationship with the protagonist.

Akemi and her classmate’s relationship deepened after they began having sex at school. Although they are neither lovers nor friends with benefits, they maintain an anonymous relationship where they hide their “unconfessed desires” from each other while hooking up all over the school. During summer vacation, when Akemi visits her classmate’s house on a day when his parents are not home, their relationship becomes more sentimental.


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