Makai Kishi Ingrid Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

Makai Kishi Ingrid, an amazing hentai about rape, orcs, orgies, bondage and sadomasochism, celebrates its 15th anniversary.


The hentai is inspired by Taimanin Murasaki ~Kunoichi Kugutsu Dorei ni Otsu~ (対魔忍ムラサキ~くノ一傀儡奴隷に堕つ~), an eroge produced by Black Lilith and Anime Lilith that was released on October 24, 2008.

The iconic Pixy label released its first episode on June 20, 2009. This hentai concluded on August 27, 2010 with four animated episodes.


The “dark knight”, Ingrid works for the crime organization, Nomad. The leader of the company, Edward Black, grows suspicious of Nomad member, Kiryuu Sabato who has recently captured renowned taimanin, Murasaki. However, the investigation was all part of Sabato’s plan, as Ingrid falls into his trap is captured. Sabato reveals he is planning to use Ingrid as bait for Edward, and while waiting for him, he also intends to break the spirit of Ingrid and Murasaki. Hence, Ingrid finds herself serving as a sex slave alongside her former foe, hoping to retain her sanity until her rescuer arrives.


Makai Kishi Ingrid had a decent reception in Japan due to the ongoing popularity of the Taimanin franchise’s eroges during those years. However, its popularity abroad was even greater, not only among Taimanin franchise fans but also among other viewers who were captivated by the dark plot of the animated adaptation. Additionally, the strong technical aspects and memorable scenes significantly contributed to its international success.


  1. The hentai was animated by Anime Antenna Iinkai and directed by Kaidou Tsukasa.
  2. Makai Kishi Ingrid was the first hentai directed by Kaidou Tsukasa.
  3. Although it might not seem like it, the animated adaptation belongs to the Taimanin franchise, one of the most extensive in the hentai anime world.
  4. The animated version presents several differences compared to the original. One of the main changes is the protagonist’s role. In the game, the plot unfolds from Kiryuu Sabato’s perspective, while in the hentai, Ingrid takes on the leading role. Additionally, Murasaki’s storyline is overshadowed in favor of Ingrid’s. Moreover, Sakura Igawa, the younger sister of Asagi Igawa, does not appear in the animated adaptation.
  5. Asagi Igawa appears as a supporting character in the original game.
  6. Similar to the protagonists of Taimanin Yukikaze, Ingrid maintains her virginity in the official canon of the franchise.
  7. On November 23, 2018, Makai Kishi Ingrid: Re was released, a reinterpretation of some events that occurred in the animated adaption.
  8. Due to memories Oboro has of Ingrid in Taimanin Asagi: Toraware no Niku Ningyou, it is believed that both series could be connected to each other. This is important because both Taimanin Asagi: Toraware no Niku Ningyou and Makai Kishi Ingrid are spin-off adaptations that are not related to the official canon of Taimanin franchise.
  9. In 2013 and 2016, ZIZ Entertainment released two adult films based on the Taimanin Murasaki ~Kunoichi Kugutsu Dorei ni Otsu~, titled ZIZG-004 and ZIZG-030.

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