Magin Label Reveals Two New OVAs Coming in September!

Good morning, guys. I hope you’re an A1C fan because you’ll be happy to know that this company has announced its releases for September! The first two are from Magin Label, the A1C label on anime series with hardcore plots. The first one is a new OVA from Enjo Kouhai.

Origamine Ouka is the leader of the Origamine clan, a family of demons. She works on exorcising the “demons” that are spreading throughout the world while also attending school. Her husband, the protagonist, also helps Ouka in her work and has an important mission: to have children with her for the sake of their clan.

If this new release is not what you were expecting, don’t worry, the next one is much hardcore, it’s the animated adaptation of Exorcist Charlotte!

In an abandoned factory, Mizuki Konoe becomes an exorcist nun named Charlotte and fights against a higher demon, Melkis, to save her classmates. Despite being manipulated and attacked by them, she perseveres and re-equips herself to continue the fight. However, Konoe ends up being raped by her classmates.

Both episodes are promising, but the animated adaptation of Exorcist Charlotte stands out for its compelling storyline.

If you liked these episodes, both will be released on September 27, so don’t miss them!

Futsuma Shoujo Charlotte is a hentai RPG game developed by No Future. After its release, a “Motion Anime” version of the game was released. Later, an English, Chinese and Russian translated version of the game was released on Steam under the title Exorcist Charlotte. The game is about Mizuki Konoe, better known as Charlotte, a girl who fights demons as an exorcist. When her classmates head to an abandoned factory after hearing rumors of a demon, Charlotte reveals her true form to save them.


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