‘Love Me: Kaede to Suzu The Animation’ Returns with a New OVA!

The next news is sure to make many people very happy. The hentai anime Kaede to Suzu is coming back with a new OVA!

A few days ago, the author of Kaede to Suzu, Kyockcho, announced in a post on their X account that episode 3 of the anime version will be released in the winter season.

This is excellent news for fans of the animated series, which is highly appreciated by new audiences in the hentai community. It’s no wonder it was the top-rated hentai on MyAnimeList for months.

Kaede to Suzu is a series of hentai stories by artist Kyockcho that began being published in the COMIC BAVEL magazine starting from its April 2018 edition. Due to its immense popularity, Pink Pineapple along with Studio 1st released its first animated episode on March 25, 2022. Kaede to Suzu revolves around the sexual adventures of Kaede, the student council president, with her quiet twin sister Suzu and their childhood friend Hayato.


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