‘Seiyoku Tsuyo Tsuyo The Animation’ Official Trailers Revealed!

Good morning, guys. I come to you today with several interesting news that you will surely love. The first one is about Pink Pineapple, as they released the two trailers of Seiyoku Tsuyo Tsuyo The Animation, their new hentai about a girl who cheats on her boyfriend with her ugly classmate.

Although the animation quality isn’t the best, I believe fans of the manga will be happy to see this hentai.

If you’re interested in watching this new hentai, don’t forget that both episodes are going to be released on July 26.

Nanase is a gal who is frustrated because she is not satisfied with her boyfriend’s selfish sex. One day, she decides to take out her frustrations on her nerdy classmate Nozaki, trying to humiliate him by posting pictures of his dick. But when she sees Nozaki’s huge cock, she can’t help but feel a tingle in her body…?

After using Nozaki’s large penis as a dildo, Nanase becomes addicted to it. When Nozaki tells Nanase that they can’t see each other during winter break, she returns to her mundane and unsatisfying sex life with her boyfriend. Her sexual frustration and longing for Nozaki grow as her body and emotions are consumed by the desperation of not seeing him again after all they’ve been through together.


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