JAV: Girl from Swimming Club Becomes Sexual Friend of Her Senpai Who Hates

The next porn movie is sure to please fans of girls in swimsuits. It’s the live-action adaptation of Kimajime Kyouei Joshi, Sei ni Oboreru!

Original title: 生真面目競泳女子、性に溺れる スタイル抜群の競泳女子はチ〇ポの味が忘れられず、呼べばいつでも生姦中出しさせてくれる即ヤリ女子に成り下がる。 胡桃さくら
Cast: Sakura Kurumi
Runtime: 121 min
Release date: June 14
Label/Company: Muku

Kimajime Kyouei Joshi, Sei ni Oboreru (A Serious Girl Wearing a Competition Swimsuit Drowning in Sex) is a doujinshi by artist Enokido that went on sale on August 12, 2023.

A girl named Yui Kawaga who’s devoted to her swimming club activities had a dilemma. Her male senpai Okabe has done nothing but play around with girls and she’s trying to get him to be serious with his club activities.

“He’s the lowest of the low, but the club needs his talent…”
At the end of her inner struggle, she winds up offering him her body herself…

Perhaps it’s due to Okabe’s skillful techniques, or maybe Kawaga’s own natural sensitivity she didn’t know she had, that from her first time having sex, she reaches powerful orgasms to such a degree that she can’t even move. Ever since then, such transactions with him accumulate, again and again, and even her excuse “This is all for the swimming club’s sake.” begins to fade while she’s made to cum over and over. At last…

Please do enjoy this work about a serious competitive swimmer girl drowning in the pleasures of sex.

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