Lune Soft to Animate Miyabi na Senpai Hentai Manga!

You will love this news! Lune Pictures (Lune Soft) is producing the animated adaptation of Miyabi na Senpai!

Kyockcho, the creator of Lovely, Maid Kyouiku and the popular hentai Kaede to Suzu, announced on April 19 on his X account that the hentai manga Miyabi na Senpai will be animated!

This news was very well received by fans; however, many speculated about the studio responsible for producing the anime. The author confirmed today on his Bilibili account that this adaptation will be produced by Lune Soft!

While these are also excellent news, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the hentai will be animated by T-Rex. Although it is very likely that this is the case, there is also a small possibility that it will be animated by STUDIO Ryuu M’s, just as they did with Kyonyuu Onna Shikan Sennou Saimin, the new hentai from the company set to be released on May 31, or another animation studio.

Very well, guys, that’s all the information we have for now. As soon as Kyockcho or Lune Soft reveal more information about the hentai, we’ll keep you updated.

Miyabi na Senpai is a hentai manga by artist Kyockcho that began to be published on March 21, 2020 in COMIC BAVEL magazine. The manga revolves around Miyabi, a kudere schoolgirl, who visits her boyfriend at his house. When she enters his room, she tells him if this will be the place where they are going to have sex for the first time, a question that initiates them both to make love.


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