Succubus Connect Drops Its First Trailer!

The latest trailer revealed today is for “Succubus★Connect!“, the new hentai from Magin Label. Enjoy!

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If you liked the trailer, remember that it will be released on April 26. don’t miss it!

We’ll inform you when they confirm the episode 2 for this anime and Dearest Blue.

Yuina, a girl in love with her non-biological brother, lives tormented by her lack of self-confidence. One day, she is guided to an unknown world by a mysterious voice. Without understanding what is happening, she is attacked by a man. In that desperate moment, she is saved by the specter of a succubus that possesses her body. The succubus defeats all enemies by fucking them, regardless of what happens to Yuina’s body and mind.

Thus begins the adventures of Yuina, an insecure girl in an unknown world, “connected” to a perverted succubus.


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