Nur Surprises with Two New Animated Series!

Nur label didn’t fall behind, as they also announced not one, but two new cheating animated series!

These two new anime are Yarakashi and Gobaku: Moe Mama Tsurezure, however, we’re not sure if those are their correct names.

Both series are set to be released on June 28.

very well, guys, we’ll let you know when A1C gives more details of its June releases.

Hane Aoba is a senior office worker who tries to help her younger colleague, Aki Kaminaga, get closer to Atsuto Sugaya, the girl he loves. However, Hane also has her own personal problems with her boyfriend, whom she is about to marry. While talking with Aki at a bar, she gets drunk to forget her problems, but that was a mistake because she ends up fucking to Aki. Although Hane asks him to forget what happened, Aki refuses and seduces her again in a meeting room.

Haruka Miyama is a charming and sweet married woman who sees Hiro-kun, her best friend’s son, as a member of her family. However, things get complicated when Hiro confesses his love and seduces Haruka while her husband is out of town on a business trip. Despite knowing that what they are doing is wrong and seeing Hiro as a potential son-in-law, she tries to reject his feelings without hurting him, but ends up giving in to pleasure and is fucked by Hiro.



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