JAV: Shinobi Is Raped until She Is Corrupted

Hey guys! I hope you’re ready for some adult film news because today I’m going to talk about two new ones that were announced on Monday. The first one is a live-action adaptation of Fallen Shinobi hentai game!

Original title: 女忍調教 忍堕とし~実写版~ 美園和花
Cast: Waka Misono
Runtime: 170 min
Release date: April 12
Label/Company: Muku

Fallen Shinobi (Shinobi Da to shi) is a hentai game produced by artist Maron Maron and released on March 5, 2023. A version was released on Steam on December 18 with subtitles in English and Chinese.

It is an era of warring states.
By some good fortune, your side has managed to capture from the enemy
a girl called Ayame—hailed as the strongest shinobi in all of Japan.
Your chief then gives you an order.
“Train that shinobi dog Ayame so that she becomes our dog instead!

By Steam

You can buy this game here:


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