Gushing Over Magical Girls Manga Goes on an Indefinite Hiatus

The publisher Takeshobo announced that the Gushing Over Magical Girls manga is on an indefinite hiatus due to the author’s (Akihiro Ononaka) failing health. Most hyper-sexual shows don’t fare too well. Either drawing strong condemnation or attracting only a select few. And while this may be the way of the world, this show cares little about this established ebb and flow.

It may not be a chart-topper or place in the top ten anime watch lists but, Gushing Over Magical Girls has garnered a strong following as pretty much every anime page has to post Magia Baiser’s face a couple times per week. Blu-ray sales and manga reprints reflect this popularity, and the series seems to be unstoppable so far. But life cares little for success, and the Gushing Over Magical Girls manga’s now going on an indefinite hiatus.

Currently airing in all its lewd glory on HIDIVE. Gushing Over Magical Girls is a story as entertaining as it is lascivious. Focusing on Utena Hiiragi, a girl who loves nothing more in life than magical girls. The show focuses on how one’s obsession can quickly descend into quite dark waters when the option to do so is given.

Through a twist of fate, she is given the once-in-a-lifetime chance to become a magical girl, or so she thought. What actually happens is that she ends up in a skimpy outfit and has to fight the magical girls she so loves.

But she quickly realizes that even unexpected and unwanted events can have a silver lining, as now, she can be close to her idols. In fact, she can be uncomfortably close to her idols. And the closer she gets to them, the happier Utena becomes. But her noble goal of being a bedroom bully to magical girls is threatened by evil forces who conspire to subjugate the world. However, Utena won’t give up! She’ll fight to defend her newfound love!

Gushing Over Magical Girls Manga Is On An Indeterminate Hiatus

Source: Takeshobo, Screenshots via HIDIVE
© Akihiro Ononaka/ Takeshobo/ Gushing Over Magical Girls Production Committee

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