’69: Itsuwari no Hohoe’ OVA 2 and ‘Dearest Blue’ Unveil Their First Images!

Good morning, guys. Today A1C surprised us with three interesting news. The first one is about 69: Itsuwari no Hohoe episode 2, as its preview images were presented!

The episode looks very promising for its NTR and sexual abuse content. If you enjoyed the first episode, this one seems like it’s going to delight you even more.

The second news is about the PoRO label, as they also revealed the preview images from Dearest Blue, their new hentai about idols fucked by rich middle-aged men.

This new hentai also looks very promising, so if you’re into stories about idols being corrupted and fucked, give it a chance to watch it.

Both episodes are set to be released on  April 26, so stay tuned for them.

Aoi Midori, who was trying to correct her mistake, ends up being raped for her failed attempt at blackmail and revenge towards Izumi. The sexual abuse continues in the infirmary, but they are observed by Maho, Izumi’s fiancée. Now that she knows the true relationship between them, Aoi vows to submit to her teacher to make amends for everything she has done.

Rio and Mamoru, childhood friends with a complicated relationship and mutual feelings, find themselves in a confusing situation. Rio accidentally becomes an idol after participating in a beauty contest. Mamoru discovers that Rio is the “sacrifice”, the prize in a game where influential people participate to obtain her. To protect Rio, Mamoru enters the game as both a participant and an employee but cannot reveal the truth to her. Despite his efforts, reality will soon catch up with him. In a desperate moment, Rio, completely vulnerable and naked, reaches out for help, but Mamoru cannot reach her.



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