Trailers for ‘Oji-san Umeru Ana The Animation’ Finally Revealed!

Good news for Pink Pineapple fans! The popular label has finally unveiled Oji-san Umeru Ana The Animation episode 1 and 2 trailers!

In my opinion, I believe that fans of this manga will be satisfied with its animated adaptation.

If you liked the trailers and are eager to watch this OVAs, I remind you that both episodes will be released on March 29.

Kaede is a schoolgirl who doesn’t want to have a boyfriend, the only thing she is interested in is having sex, but not with just any guy, but with a middle-aged man. Kaede finally fulfills her sexual fantasy when she makes love to a man she barely knows.

Mia’s hobby is having sex with older men to earn money. However, her perverted hobby is discovered by her teacher. To keep her secret from being revealed, Mia makes love to him.


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