‘MidareUchi’ Doujinshi Returns with a New Animated Version!

Great news! The Antechinus label has announced a new NTR hentai!

This new hentai is a remake of MidareUchi, the doujinshi that was animated on September 2. This is excellent news for fans, as the first animated version left much to be desired due to its low animation quality and the short duration of its videos.

If you want to learn more about this first animated version, go here: Midareuchi Doujinshi Has Been Animated!

This new animated version will be produced by T-Rex studio and will be released on April 26!

Kaori, the ace of the tennis club, just went to see her junior who has not been showing up at the tennis club recently… After her boyfriend, Masaya, shows Kaori to Ami’s home, she finds Ami sucking a man’s cock. Ami’s sexfriend Ryou attacks Kaori and she loses her virginity. She calls out to Masaya for help, but her voice does not reach him… Ami has a stimulant that increases Kaori’s sensitivity and she falls into a pleasure she has never experienced before..!

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After being raped, Kaori behaves strangely, a situation noticed by her boyfriend Masaya. That day, Kaori is also raped by Ryo in Ami’s room, when Ami makes her a proposal, “Let’s have a study session with your boyfriend.” However, the real purpose of this study session is for Kaori to get fucked by Ryo while Ami sucks Masaya’s cock.

I hope this anime will be a success, as they might also animate Yumeka Tsutsuka Hayakawa doujinshi. For those who may not know, Nozomi Hayakawa, one of the protagonists of this doujinshi, appears as a secondary character in MidareUchi. In fact, she can be seen among the girls featured at the beginning of second trailer.


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