Magin Label Confirms New OVA for Ruins Seeker and Announces a New Hentai!

The next two news come from Magin Label, as they have announced a new OVA for Ruins Seeker and a new lolicon hentai. Let’s start with Ruins Seeker episode 2, the next hentai release from Magin Label scheduled for March 29.

In their attempt to help Rivaston due to the legend of a benevolent bandit, Quem faces a powerful enemy, and his companion Vise also becomes embroiled in the battle. Afterward, they both find the Joruri Mirror, which is capable of showing the sins of those who see their reflection in it.

And the latest release is sure to please gore and lolicon fans, as it is the animated adaptation for the game Mugoku no Kuni no Alice.

Alice, a shy and loving girl to her older sister, suddenly finds herself in an unknown room separated from her sister, which deeply worries her. Determined to find her, Alice faces strange creatures and deadly traps in the room. She must be careful, as one mistake could mean losing her sister forever. Can Alice find her sister safe and sound?

If you liked these two OVAs, I’d like to inform you that both will be released on May 31.

Mugoku no Kuni no Alice (Alice in the Land of Dream Prison) is a lolicon, bestiality and gore game developed by Tsukki’s Tea Party in 2022. Its plot revolves around Alice, a girl who wakes up in a creepy house. In order to find her sister, she will have to explore the place and survive the monsters that will try to rape her to death.


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