Haramaseya Doujinshi to Be Animated Soon!

Good news! The NTR doujinshi Haramaseya is going to be animated soon! This news was announced by Torudaya, the new adult anime production company that debuted with the Koumi-jima: Shuu 7 de Umeru Mesu-Tachi hentai.

Although Torudaya did not reveal more information about their anime, they announced that before the end of March, they will release a PV.

Haramaseya is a doujinshi series by artist Nakajima Yuka. Its first doujinshi was released on April 16, 2021, while the latest one came out on January 3, 2023.


Haramaseya revolves around Terada Akito, a man with “super sperm” capable of impregnating any woman. Akito is hired by a sperm bank to impregnate its clients, with the first being Kumi Iijima, a woman unable to conceive due to her husband’s azoospermia.


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