Check Out the Trailer for Shunka Shuutou Episode 2

Hi guys. The Nur label made headlines today by revealing the trailer for Shunka Shuutou episode 2!

Did you like the trailer? If so, you won’t want to miss the release of this second episode on March 29.

As is customary for Nur, this anime will go on hiatus after the release of its episode 2. Hopefully, we’ll see its return in approximately a year. We’ll keep you informed if they announce its comeback.

Miharu reluctantly continues to carry out everything her counselor, Shiki, orders her to do in an effort to solve her harassment problem. However, Shiki’s requests become increasingly frequent. After a while, Miharu expressed to him that she was no longer willing to continue. Despite this, Shiki’s last order leads her to find herself in a park…



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