Check Out the First Images for NocturnaL

In other news, Queen Bee, a popular Media Bank label, has released the preview images for NocturnaL, their new anime scheduled for release on April 5.

Although the images look very good, we all know that its animation will be low.

Before I say goodbye, I want to let you know that we will show you its trailer as soon as we have it.

See you tomorrow with new anime news!

Etou, a fat and unattractive student, has feelings for Sayako, his popular and friendly classmate. While wandering at night, he sees Sayako being harassed by some men. Initially reluctant to get involved, he ends up helping his classmate. However, when they are safe, Etou realizes that Sayako is very different from the one at school. The truth is, she has a dual personality; during the day, she’s a modest and kind student, but during the night she is a vulgar girl with a lot of sexual desire. Now that they are both alone, Sayako shows her lust and fucks Etou.


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