Shinsei Kourin Dacryon Runa Hardcore Eroge Gets Anime Adaptation!

In other news, Kouichi Murakami, the head of Anime Antenna Iinkai studio, announced today on his X account that they will be animating Shinsei Kourin Dacryon – Runa ~Daseibo Tanjou~ eroge!

For now, it’s only known that this animated adaptation will be directed by the legendary director Teruaki Murakami.

We’ll keep you informed when more details about this new hentai are revealed.

Shinsei Kourin Dacryon – Runa ~Daseibo Tanjou~ is a Lolicon, Magical Girl, Rape and Tentacle eroge developed by CHAOS-R and released on June 24, 2022 as a DLsite exclusive.

One Night, Runa Amatsu, a girl who dreams of becoming a fairy-tale writer, sees a great magic circle appearing in the easter sky.
Two spheres of light descended from it and then it immediately dispersed.
The next day Runa’s twin sister, Rena, and her best friend Miyu Kokubugata convince her to install a pirate app called “Angel Maker”.

“Would you like to Blow Up? Yes/No”.

–“She has been cursed by a magic item. The young girl was cursed”.–

From DLsite

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