‘Shijoku Zukushi 02’ & ‘69: Itsuwari no Hohoe’ Present Their First Images

Hi guys. A1C company surprised today with three news about their February hentai releases. The first news is about Shijoku Zukushi 02, as Getchu revealed its image gallery!

If this hentai doesn’t sound familiar, it was previously known as Ane Joku Tsukushi, but we decided to change its name to Shijoku Zukushi because we believe it is more appropriate.

The second news is also about Nur label, as Getchu presented the first images from 69: Itsuwari no Hohoe.

Both OVAs look very good, so Nur fans will be happy for these releases.

We’ll be updating you all when the trailers are revealed.

Emi enters into an inappropriate relationship with Mizuki, the student council president. Despite Emi telling Mizuki that they will only have sex once, Mizuki’s sexual desire knows no bounds. This desire is released at school, in the hallway, in the school storage room, anytime, anywhere, leading to her having sex without them realizing it. In addition, an important hidden secret comes to light, leading to a drastic change in the relationship between Emi and Mizuki.

Aoi Midori, an outstanding student with a reserved personality and a charming smile, faces a sudden drop in her grades due to an error in the recent exam results. Despite her efforts to maintain her image, she becomes desperate in the situation. Aoi devises a plan to fix the problem, but her teacher, Izumi Kuwabara, who is rumored to be a bitch, stands in her way. Midori tries to blackmail her with a sex tape of her fiancé, but Izumi does not fall for his provocations and rapes Midori.



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