More Information Emerges for ‘Kyoushi x Saimin 2’ Hentai Project

Hi guys. Today was revealed an important news about Kyoushi x Saimin 2, the new Mind Control hentai from White Bear label.

According to a post by POISON, the eroge developer company, it has been announced that the hentai will be directed by Araki Hideki, a prominent director known for his work on animated series such as Sleepless: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, SLEEPLESS Nocturne, Sakusei Byoutou, and Suketto Sanjou!!

Although the animation studio responsible for the project has not been revealed yet, with Araki Hideki as the director, it is suggested that Katei Kyoushi x Saimin 2 anime version will have the same style as his most recent hentai works.

It might be disappointing that the OVA will have lower quality; however, I believe it will be a good hentai due to its plot.

We’ll keep you informed when more details about this anime are revealed.

Katei Kyoushi x Saimin 2 ~Zettai Juujun, Takabisha Shimai o Dosukebe Inran ni Saimin Sousa~ is a Teachers and Mind Control eroge produced by POISON on July 29, 2022. The eroge narrates the story of Misato, a student who suffers abuse from his two voluptuou teachers. His life changes completely when he decides to take revenge on them using a mind control device.


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