Konomi ja Nai kedo OVA Arrives in April!

Good news for Mary Jane fans! The popular hentai animation company has officially confirmed the release date for Konomi Ja Nai Kedo, their new romance and incest hentai.

Mary Jane announced on its X account that the first OVA will be released on April 5!

Unfortunately, Mary Jane has not yet revealed the animation studio in charge of this project. Stay tuned to our website, as we’ll keep you informed when more details about this new hentai are disclosed.

Konomi Ja Nai Kedo ~Mukatsuku Ane To Aishou Batsugun Ecchi~ is an incest and vanilla hentai manga by artist Akao, which was serialized by KATTS on July 3, 2021.


Konomi Ja Nai Kedo tells the story of two siblings who have been fighting constantly since they were teenagers, but their lives take an unexpected turn when they realize they are sexually attracted to each other.


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