J-Novel Club Unveils 13 New Light Novel, Manga Licenses

J-Novel Club has announced the acquisition of multiple new light novel and manga series licenses following the latest industry livestream held on Twitch on January 19, 2024. Six new light novels and seven new manga will be joining the J-Novel Club catalog with the majority of them receiving a digital launch on J-Novel Club’s website and app a few hours after the announcement stream.

You can check the newly acquired titles below, including their corresponding English covers and synopsis!

Light Novels

I’m a Noble on the Brink of Ruin, So I Might as Well Try Mastering Magic

Author: Nazuna Miki
Illustrations: Kabotya

What’s a guy to do when his life suddenly changes while innocently enjoying a nice, cold drink after work? And I mean really changes.
This middle-aged commoner now finds himself in the body of Liam Hamilton, the young son of a noble house teetering on the brink of collapse. Between his fervidly desperate father and his utterly apathetic brothers, the only bright side to his new situation is that Liam can finally try learning magic like he’s always wanted. Little does he know his hobby of choice may be about to turn his life upside-down yet again!
Will Liam be able to master the craft of magic? And will it be enough to save him from the shadow looming over his family…? (J-Novel Club)

Zilbagias the Demon Prince: How the Seventh Prince Brought Down the Kingdom

Author: Tomoaki Amagi
Illustrations: Tsukasa Kiryu

The hero Alexander and his comrades unleash a daring raid on the Demon King’s castle, intent on assassinating him and bringing an end to the war against the darkness in one fell swoop. However, the raid goes awry when his party is effortlessly decimated by the Demon King’s overwhelming power.
But death is not the end of the road for Alexander, as he is reincarnated two years later as that very same Demon King’s son. With the memories of his past life still intact, he vows to use his miraculous second chance to continue fighting—this time destroying the demonic kingdom from within as the Demon Prince Zilbagias. It doesn’t take long for his mettle to be tested either, as passing as a young demon prince without blowing his cover proves to be quite a bit more challenging than he initially anticipated. (J-Novel Club)

Heavenly Swords of the Twin Stars

Author: Riku Nanano
Illustrations: cura

In his past life, Chou Sekiei was the undefeated war hero Kou Eihou—no pressure, right? Now, a thousand years later, all he wants is to get a nice, cushy job as a civil official and build a quiet life for himself. Too bad that he still has fighting prowess he can’t explain. Too bad that as a child, he was taken in by a renowned general and trained alongside Chou Hakurei, famed for her talent and beauty. Too bad that he’s gotten into rescuing pretty (and pretty immature) merchant prodigies. Sekiei was really looking forward to some peace and quiet so he could kick back and read, but when the foreign nation of Gen launches an invasion that triggers war, he’s forced to put his books down. With the power of skills he’d hoped never to put to use again, Sekiei will once more have to make a name on the battlefield… Will he and his friends be enough to save their homeland? (J-Novel Club)

A Livid Lady’s Guide to Getting Even: How I Crushed My Homeland with My Mighty Grimoires

Author: Hagure Metabo
Illustrations: masami

Elizabeth Leiston, daughter of the influential prime minister, is a picture-perfect lady on the path to becoming the future queen of the Kingdom of Haldoria. But her life takes a sudden turn for the worst when her fiancé makes a show of publicly calling off their engagement. Soon after, he throws her in jail and starts spreading nasty rumors about her.
The encouragement Elizabeth receives from her loyal waiting maid, Mireille, and her inner fury are all she needs to reconsider her goals. Why should she continue devoting herself to a country that doesn’t respect her when she can trample over it instead? She will get even with those who wronged her and bring down the damned kingdom, even if it’s the last thing she does! Luckily, Elizabeth is no damsel in distress and has seven powerful magic grimoires she won’t hesitate to use. Get ready because this ruthless lady is out for blood! (J-Novel Club)

I Don’t Want To Be the Dragon Duke’s Maid! Serving My Ex-Fiancé From My Past Life

Author: Mashimesa Emoto
Illustrations: Masami

On her sixteenth birthday, Viscountess Mille-Feuille Forêt Noire, a member of a long-lived race called dragonkin, remembers her previous life as the murdered fiancée of Dragon Duke Vacherin. She immediately vows never to get involved with him again and aspires to live a peaceful life by hiding what she knows, but after a twist of fate or two…she soon winds up the Dragon Duke’s personal attendant!
Past intrigue now begins to yield problems in the present. Who killed Mille-Feuille in her last life? How can she improve the lives of fellow dragonkin women? Is she in love with the Dragon Duke, or are her feelings just lingering attachment from their old romance? And how will this all affect her new relationship with her former fiancé? History may or may not repeat itself in this romantic fantasy! (J-Novel Club)

After-School Dungeon Diver: Level Grinding in Another World

Author: Hitsuji Gamei
Illustrations: Karei

Why not unwind in another world once in a while?
High schooler Kudo Akira happens upon the ability to travel between Japan and the fantastical world of Do-Melta. Not bound by any dire mission or duty, he leisurely enjoys exploring his way through the massive dungeon in the center of the world and all the trappings that come with it. The guild receptionist is trying to mooch off of him, his magic instructor has “rewards” for him, and he just might have some fun with a girl he saves…
A brand-new fantasy adventure from Hitsuji Gamei begins! (J-Novel Club)

Manga Series

A Late Start Tamer’s Laid-Back Life

Original Author: Yuu Tanaka
Manga Work: Tachibana
Character Designs: Nardack

LJO–aka Law of Justice Online–is the newest full-dive VRMMORPG to hit the market, and office worker Yuta—or Yuto, as he goes by in the game—is ready to spend his whole vacation immersing himself in the experience. His dream is to become the strongest Tamer, commanding the most powerful monsters, and he’s even willing to shell out the cash to do so! But when he arrives in the world of LJO for the first time, Yuto is shocked to find that the special monster he planned to leave all the fighting to is…a monster dedicated to farming—without a shred of combat ability?
Despite it all, Yuto quickly decides that his adventures in this world will involve way less fighting epic battles and way more harvesting plants, as he prepares to take the game at his own pace and with his adorable, trusty companion by his side! (J-Novel Club)

The Otome Heroine’s Fight for Survival

Original Author: Harunohi Biyori
Manga Work: Kobato Wakasa
Character Designs: Yuu Hitaki

After losing her parents at a young age to a monster attack on their village, Alicia is sent to an orphanage, where she spends three miserable years being mistreated—and doing her best to smile through it all. After finally reaching her limit and running away, Alicia is attacked by a strange woman who wants to take the young girl’s place as the protagonist of something called an otome game. During the struggle, Alicia accidentally absorbs part of the woman’s memories and knowledge, transforming her from a scared child to a calculated young woman with a mission: to write her own destiny. Now adrift in an unforgiving world, Alicia vows to grow stronger by any means necessary. She’ll need all the might she can muster if she has any hope of changing her fate and fighting for survival. (J-Novel Club)

The Invincible Summoner Who Crawled Up from Level 1

Original Author: Arata Shiraishi
Manga Work: Rio Nanamomo
Character Designs: Yunagi

After losing his father in a tragic accident, Shinobu Iijima and his younger sister Megumi are taken in by their father’s old friend, Ayumu. Shinobu works hard in the hopes of starting a new life for himself. Megumi, and a mobile game called La Vita Online, are the only things keeping him afloat. One day, Ayumu reveals his true intentions of tearing Shinobu down and getting his hands on Megumi. But just after Shinobu learns that Ayumu deleted all of his game data in La Vita, their high-rise apartment catches on fire and Shinobu falls to his death, Megumi in tow. He wakes up in a strange new world… and realizes he’s been reincarnated into the world of La Vita Online. An announcement from the devs tells him that Ayumu is already there, and a countdown to Megumi’s arrival is ticking. Shinobu vows to protect Megumi after she arrives at any cost, even if it means he has to crawl his way up from level 1 to fend off all the other reincarnated players. (J-Novel Club)

Death’s Daughter and the Ebony Blade

Original Author: Maito Ayamine
Manga Work: Matsukaze Suiren

Once upon a time, in a forgotten temple in the middle of a deep, dark forest, a god of death stumbles across a baby girl called Olivia and takes her in to raise as its own.
Under the death god’s tutelage, little Olivia spends her days studying to become a brilliant tactician and master of the blade. But her destiny changes irreversibly upon her fifteenth birthday. When the death god suddenly vanishes, Olivia must leave the forest and make for the battlefield!
But none of her books or drills have prepared her for other people—nor for the fearsome war between a mighty empire hellbent on uniting the continent and a kingdom struggling to maintain its autonomy as the last remaining holdout against the imperial conquest. What Olivia lacks in social skills she makes up for with martial prowess, and when she arrives on the scene, no one on either side will know what hit them.
As she searches for her missing teacher and fends off the empire, the epic tale of Olivia and her ebony blade begins! (J-Novel Club)

Goodbye, Overtime! This Reincarnated Villainess Is Living for Her New Big Brother

Original Author: Chidori Hama
Manga Work: Cosaji

After being forced to work overtime for the umpteenth time in a month, Yukimura Rina drags herself home, exhausted and in need of some relaxation. She downloads an otome game, starts playing, and passes out…only to wake up as Ekaterina, the villainess of the game! Her new reality overwhelms her, but she soon recovers thanks to the care of her handsome, kind, and responsible new big brother, Alexei. There’s one little issue, though. If the game follows its original scenario, only the worst awaits her and her dearest brother!
Rina, or rather, Ekaterina, now has two goals: find a way to avoid doom, and protect her new big brother from the horrors of overwork! (J-Novel Club)

The Banished Former Hero Lives as He Pleases

Original Author: Shin Kouduki
Manga Work: Karasumaru
Character Designs: Chocoan

Stuck at a low level and lacking a god-given Gift, Allen is labeled a good-for-nothing and banished from the Duchy of Westfeldt. But little do they know, he’s actually the reincarnation of a hero from another world with powers from his past life! Allen yearns for a quiet life after growing tired of heroics, so he takes his banishment in stride. Yet his trip to the remote Frontier is interrupted when an assassin attempts to take his former betrothed’s life! What former hero worth his salt could stand idly by? So begins another unwanted chapter of excitement in Allen’s saga! (J-Novel Club)

A Wild Last Boss Appeared!

Original Author: Firehead and Yahako
Manga Work: Tsubasa Haduki

Lufas Maphaahl rules the land of Mizgarz with an iron fist. Mankind stands no chance of prevailing against the most powerful being in the world and her army of loyal minions—until a band of heroes bests her in an epic battle, sealing her soul away for all eternity.

But this is just another day in Exgate Online. Lufas is a player’s avatar and a legend among fans. She even outshines the official last boss, the Devil King. So it’s no big deal to the boy behind Lufas when he logs off after his epic defeat—thankfully, it won’t really be eternity until he can play again. But he’s met by a strange offer, and when he accepts, he’s sucked into the game world and awakens…in Lufas’s body!

Two hundred years have passed since Lufas’s defeat, and Mizgarz now lives under the shadow of the Devil King. How will our hero fix his mess? And can he save the world from the one being he never subordinated: the last boss? (J-Novel Club)

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