Midareuchi Doujinshi Has Been Animated!

Hi guys, this morning we’ll talk about a new hentai that has very little information available. It’s the animated adaptation of Midareuchi!

Midareuchi is a series of four netorare doujins written and illustrated by Izumi and Reizei. Its ONA consists of 17 videos, each lasting 30 seconds. These were released as part of the recopilation pack titled Midareuchi Zenki Sousyuhen, which went on sale on September 2 of this year.

Since there’s very little information online about this hentai, we had to purchase it to find out more about its content. Although the videos don’t reveal information about the studio responsible for its production, it’s evident that it could have been done by Studio9MAiami or Blue Bread.

Unfortunately, this is all the information we could find about this hentai. We’re unaware if they plan to release a hentai with a duration longer than 15 minutes in the future, but if they do, it is very likely to maintain the same quality as these short videos.

We’ll keep you informed in case a more complete and extensive version of the animated adaptation of Midareuchi is announced.

Midareuchi tells the story of Kaori, the captain of the tennis club who is raped and forced to be the sexual friend of Sasaki, her clubmate, and Ryo, Sasaki’s lover from soccer club. Even though Kaori has a boyfriend, she keeps her perverted relationship with Sasaki and Ryo a secret.

You can buy this pack here:


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