Magin Label Announces Second OVA for ‘SiNiSistar’ and a New Animated Series!

Magin Label didn’t fall behind and also announced two new hentai releases. SiNiSistar, the perverted hentai gore, will have a second OVA!

Sister Rabiane, after defeating the creatures of the forest, advances with determination. Affected by unknown nightmares, she finds inspiration in her mission and strengthens her resolve, believing that her heart is with God. They arrive in a village where the villagers endure unspeakable horrors, blurring the line between reality and dream. In this world, pleasure and pain intertwine infinitely, inexorably corroding Rabiane’s heart.

Just from the cover, you can tell that this second OVA is more morbid and obscene than the first one.

The upcoming release from Magin Label is a new one, as it is the animated adaptation of the Ruins Seeker game!

Quem Quaeritis, a young adventurer, pursues the dream of being the first to conquer the Heaven’s Ladder dungeon, known for being the most challenging of all.

However, two shocking events disrupt her path: a demon attacks her, unleashing sexyal desires, and she encounters a mysterious woman who could completely change her destiny.

Ruins Seeker is a fantasy RPG developed by NupuryuNet and initially released on January 8, 2019, on Getchu. On March 28, 2020, an English-translated version of the game was launched on Steam.

If you’re interested in watching these two OVAs, remember that both will be released on March 29.


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