Koakuma Kanojo The Animation Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Koakuma Kanojo The Animation, a Schoolgirls and Supernatural hentai, has been out for 10 years since its release.


The adult anime is based on the hentai manga Koakuma Kanojo (Cute Devil Girlfriend) by artist Hisasi, which began serialization on June 16, 2010, in Comic Unreal magazine.

The renowned and popular Pink Pineapple label released the first animated episode of Koakuma Kanojo on December 20, 2013. The hentai concluded on February 26, 2016, with only two animated episodes.


There’s a rumor about a DVD that curses anyone who watches it. Though no one seems to believe in the curse few are brave enough to see what’s on the DVD… Mika Akuno watches the DVD… and gets transformed into a succubus. She tries to keep the change a secret but loses control when her crush Kazuya approaches her… Later, Kana agrees to watch the DVD after two of her friends ask her. As a result of the curse she grows something regular women don’t have. Her sister Mai tries to help her get back to normal, but the two get more than they bargained for…

There is a wizarding school where the school is where people learn about magic, and there is a scene about the famous drug / stimulant problem that makes people lust and can also fall in love with the drug. The protagonist tried to use the stimulant to seize the person he liked named Elena. The elf girl who is very beautiful and popular in the school.


Due to its OVA being released at the end of the year, it’s not precisely known whether it had good sales or not, although it’s believed to have had a good reception. On the other hand, it gained popularity abroad, particularly for its final incest and futanari scene.

Despite the first OVA achieving moderate success, the second episode disappointed a significant portion of the community due to its unfortunate change in animation.


  1. The first episode adapts the “Tsun Devil” and “Sister’s Ring” stories, while the second focuses on the plot of “Katakoi.”
  2. Koakuma Kanojo The Animation is the first animated hentai by artist Hisasi, the second one was Tensei Kendo no Harem Colosseo.
  3. The first OVA was directed by Tatsumi in collaboration with Office Takeout studio, while the second was handled by director Araki Hideki and the Office No. 8 studio.
  4. The characters of Mika and Hibiki were voiced by seiyuu Fujimori Yukina. She is recognized for her roles as Chloe in Kuroinu and Miyuri in Dokidoki Little Ooyasan‘s digital version.
  5. On February 28, 2020, Pink Pineapple released a special disc for Koakuma Kanojo The Animation, which includes both OVAs.

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