JAV: Man Abandoned by Wife Becomes Lover to Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law

Fitch studio didn’t lag behind, and today they also announced a new movie, which will be based on “Yasashii Dake no Otoko” to Tsuma ni Sute Raretanode… doujinshi.

This porn movie is titled NIMA-024 すぺしゃるじー&チンジャオ娘の大ヒット作品を実写化!! 「優しいだけの男」と妻に捨てられたので…前編 有岡みう 皆月ひかる, has a duration of  120 minutes, and will star actresses Miu Arioka and Hikaru Minazuki. Its release date is scheduled for January 12.

“Yasashii Dake no Otoko” to Tsuma ni Sute Raretanode… is a full color doujin by artist Special G, which went on sale on February 26, 2023.

The protagonist, a newlywed 30-year-old man, faces a crisis when his wife cheats on him and leaves, leaving him with a hefty mortgage debt on their new house. To remedy this situation, his mother-in-law decides to take her daughter’s place as the woman of the house, even satisfying the protagonist’s sexual desires. Over time, the sister-in-law discovers that the two are lovers and joins this taboo relationship.

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