Hatsukoi Jikan Set to Release Two New Episodes in March!

Very good news for romance fans! The popular Bunny Walker label is set to release two new episodes of Hatsukoi Jikan!

Both episodes will be released on March 1 and will adapt the stories of Flag Kaishuu wa Totsuzen ni and Re:Hatsukoi.

As is customary, this news comes with many images and trailers!

The protagonist, a student who has stopped being an otaku, is bothered by Ayane, a gyaru girl who knows about his past. He thinks Ayane is trying to mess up his new life, but what he doesn’t know is that she does all that to get his attention because she secretly loves him.

The protagonist separates from Kirika, his childhood friend, to become a teacher. Years later, they meet again, but now their relationship is distant because he is a teacher and she is his student. During a rainy day, Kirika stays at the protagonist’s house, and everything goes out of control when she plays with his penis as punishment because he saw her vagina.

What do you think about these two OVAs? Did you like them? We would love to hear your opinion in the comments.


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