YOASOBI Releases English Version of the Frieren Opening Song

YOASOBI released the English version of one of their latest singles, “Yuusha,” titled “The Brave” in the translation. The original version serves as the opening theme song of the ongoing Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime. The release of the English version was also coupled with a music video, which features scenes from the anime.

YOASOBI – “The Brave” (“Yuusha” English version)

The song’s original version was initially released on September 29 this year. The lyrics were written by Ayase and were based on the short story Sousou by Jirou Kiso. The song peaked at number two on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 and a music video was released right after the premiere of the special first episode of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime.

YOASOBI is a Japanese music duo that consists of the composer Ayase and singer Ikura (also known as Lilas Ikuta). They debuted in November 2019 with their first single “Yoru ni Kakeru” which gained traction immediately after its release and was number 1 in the Japanese billboard charts. Since then, they have released several hit singles and performed multiple anime theme songs such as “Idol” in Oshi no Ko, “Shukufuku” in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, “Kaibutsu” and “Yasashii no Suisei” in Beastars Season 2 and “Yuusha” in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. The musical duo also recently released their new song “Biri-Biri” in celebration of the first anniversary of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games.

The duo previously released the English version of “Idol” – the opening theme song for Oshi no Ko anime.

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