Hajimete no Hitozuma 06 Will No Longer Be Released in December

Very bad news, Hajimete no Hitozuma 06, OVA about a housewife who fucks her son’s bully, will be delayed until 2024.

The OVA was originally scheduled to be released on December 22, but due to changes in the release date made by several stores, this exciting episode will not be aired until February 2.

For now, the stores that have made this change in their release date are Getchu, Toranoana, and Melonbooks. The only store that has not done so is DMM, but it’s only a matter of time before it does.

We’ll keep you informed when more details about this sixth OVA are revealed.


Tomoko was worried because her son, Masanobu, was coming home injured, but he wouldn’t tell her the reason behind those injuries. Tomoko felt frustrated because she couldn’t help her son. One day, her classmate, Togawa, visited her. According to him, Masanobu was being bullied along with him. Tomoko continued talking to the young man until he confessed that the reason for his bullying at school was because he is a virgin. Seeing Togawa very distressed, she let him touch her huge tits to make him feel better.

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