Banished From the Hero’s Party Season 2 Gets New Visual and Additional Cast

The Banished From the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside Season 2 anime has revealed a new key visual and four new cast members ahead of the show’s January 2024 premiere. Studio Flad is animating, with Satoshi Takafuji as the director. You can see the new visual below:

banished hero's season 2 visual
Banished From the Hero’s Party Season 2 – New Key Visual

The new cast members are Yumiri Hanamori as Van, Ai Kakuma as Lavender, Satoshi Mikami as Cardinal Ljubo and Aya Uchida as Esta. Ryota Suzuki and Kanon Takao will be reprising their roles as Red Ragnason and Rit, respectively. You can watch the previously revealed trailer:

The anime series first premiered in the Fall 2021 anime season, and it had a total of 13 episodes. Makoto Hoshino directed the series at studios Wolfsbane and Flad. Crunchyroll is streaming it.

The anime is based on Zappon’s Shin no Nakama ja Nai to Yusha no Pati o Oidasareta no de, Henkyo de Suro Raifu Suru Koto ni Shimashita (Banished From the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside) light novel series. Kadokawa Shoten has been serializing the series with Yasumo’s illustrations since June 2018. The same publisher is publishing a manga adaptation. Yen Press licensed the original light novel series in English.

The second season will start at 5th volume of the light novel, which will revolve around the Yarandrala’s return. You can read the synopsis below:
A ring’s the thing Red is prepared to take the next step with Rit and wants to propose. Determined to find the perfect stone for the engagement ring, he plans a trip to a mountain range known as the Wall at the End of the World. Meanwhile, a former member of the Hero’s party, Yarandrala, shows up in Zoltan looking for Rit. Although she causes a bit of trouble after a misunderstanding, her presence may be fortuitous as all is not well up on the peaks. What started as a simple excursion for a ring quickly becomes a struggle for survival with all life on the mountains hanging in the balance.

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©Zappon, Yasumo/KADOKAWA/True Companion Production Committee

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