Yuki Kaji Reveals He Wrote Lines for Eren’s NHK Interview After Isayama’s Request

Yuki Kaji, the voice of Eren Yeager in the Attack on Titan anime, revealed that he helped write Eren’s recent interview with Japanese national broadcaster, NHK. The voice actor stated he worked on all the new lines, except for the “How to beat them?” section. The interview is not available to watch outside of Japan at the moment.

When I received the offer, I was so intimidated I turned it down. However, later I learned that the person who wanted me to write these lines was none other than Mr. [Hajime] Isayama himself. After much deliberation and back-and-forth communication, I decided to accept the offer,” Kaji wrote on his official account. He added that he asked Isayama why he should be the one who writes answers in Eren’s stead and that Isayama, as someone who understands the series and its characters better than anyone, said that he wanted to blur the boundary between work and real life. Isayama also said that he would like to see something that incorporates elements of Kaji into the character and to see what he thought of Eren, as someone who voiced him for 10 years.

Thinking about Eren, thinking about the story, and Mr. Isayama, I projected myself into the project. I put my heart and 10 years of thoughts and feelings into writing this. I am truly, truly honored beyond measure. Thank you for this precious opportunity. I hope that viewers have enjoyed this as a special program for the final broadcast.” The final installment of Attack on Titan anime will premiere on November 4. It will see the conclusion of the story, one that anime fans have been waiting for since 2013.

He also added that while he was writing these lines, he felt that he and Eren were very close to each other as human beings. “In particular, I feel that the words “fight” and the way he perceives the concepts of “family” and “professionalism” are very close to me. Since the final episode has not yet aired, there were many things that I could not or should not have written about, and I am aware that I have not expressed them adequately.” Yuki Kaji often spends Attack on Titan events talking about the challenges he’s faced voicing Eren. He previously posted about episode 80 of the anime, saying that it was one of the hardest ones he’s ever done and that he lost his voice multiple times during the recording because it was “scary.”

To finish he asked the fans to please watch the final episode of Attack on Titan anime and added: “I’m happy to have met Eren Yaeger.

Source: Yuki Kaji’s Twitter/X
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