Unnamed Memory Anime Releases New Character Visual for Main Characters

The upcoming 2024 anime Unnamed Memory released a new visual featuring the protagonists Oscar and Tinasha, alongside new character descriptions.

Oscar (voiced by Yoshiki Nakajima):
The next heir to the throne of the great Farsas nation. In order to break the curse placed upon him, he visits the “Witch of the Azure Moon” and proposes marriage to Tinasha whom he meets there. He diligently carries out his duties as the crown prince and has the deep trust of his vassals. There is no one in the castle town who surpasses his swordsmanship, and he can wield the legendary royal sword Akashia which nullifies magic.

Tinasha (voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki):
Known by the alternate name “The Witch of the Azure Moon”, she is said to have the greatest power on the continent. She resides on the top floor of the Tower, and supposedly grants the wish of anyone who overcomes numerous trials to reach her. Though she appears as a girl of around 16 years old, she has halted the growth of her own body and lived for several hundred years. To fulfill Oscar’s desire, she begins living with Oscar to break his curse.

The new character visual:

insert image of new character visual from unnamed memory

The Unnamed Memory anime announced its initial staff in 2022 after having been set to premiere in 2023 but was delayed due to production issues. Unnamed Memory‘s light novel has been published since 2012 on the popular self-publishing website Shosetsuka ni Narou. The series was picked up in 2019 by ASCII Media Works and has spawned a manga adaptation which is licensed in English by Yen Press. A sequel light novel, Unnamed Memory: After the End began in 2022 and has released two volumes.

Yen Press also licenses the light novel and describes the plot:
‘My wish as champion is for you to descend the tower and be my wife.’ Climbing a deadly tower, Oscar seeks the power of its master, the Witch of the Azure Moon. He hopes her incredible magic can break a curse that will kill any woman he takes for a wife. When the prince sees how beautiful Tinasha is, though, he has a better idea-since she’s surely strong enough to survive his curse, she should just marry him instead! Tinasha isn’t keen on the idea, but agrees to live with Oscar in the royal castle for a year while researching the spell placed on the prince. The witch’s pretty face hides several lifetimes of dark secrets, however-secrets that begin resurfacing…

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