Sweet and Hot Second OVA Confirmed!

Leaving the bad news aside, Queen Bee announced that they will be animating a second OVA of Sweet and Hot.

This second episode will adapt Tanoshii Seikyouiku and Finder wo Nozoku Mono wa stories. Its release date is scheduled for January 26, 2024.

We’ll inform you when they publish their image gallery and PV.


Tanoshii Seikyouiku

To counteract the declining birthrate and aging population, the education system has implemented a more practical sexual education curriculum aimed at eliminating biases and aversions towards reproduction.

The students gather in the gymnasium and, after warm-up exercises, the students are paired up for sex. Takamine, who had been left out when choosing a partner, is left alone with Mutahara, a creepy guy. She tries to finish the exercise without having sex, but the teacher discovers her and punishes her with a special exercise.

Finder wo Nozoku Mono wa

Chio Kasahara, the self-proclaimed reporter from the press club who’s dedicated to exposing scandals in her school, set out to uncover the truth behind a group of rapists on campus that had been revealed on the bulletin board. However, she fell into a trap by following that false information. Chio is punished by the men whose dark secrets she had exposed in public, and they expose her to everyone just as she had done.


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