Studio OLM To Anime Oi Tonbo Anime Adaptation, Air Date Set for Spring 2024

The previously announced anime adaptation of the Oi Tonbo golf manga is set to premiere in the spring of 2024. Studio OLM is animating the adaptation, with SMDE on CGI. A teaser trailer and visual has been released as part of the announcement:

Oi Tonbo anime adaptation – Teaser Trailer

The Oi Tonbo anime adaptation was announced in May this year, following the manga’s 44th volume in the Weekly Golf Digest. It is based on a manga written by Ken Kawasaki and illustrated by Yu Furusawa. It was first released in the Weekly Golf Digest in August 2014.

The manga tells the story of Kazuga Igarashi, a man who was expelled from the Japan Professional Golfers’ Association before he turned 50, and Tombo, a golf prodigy he met on the island of Tokara in Kagoshima Prefecture, and their struggle to become professionals.

Oi Tonbo anime
Oi Tonbo anime – Teaser Visual

Oi Tonbo is the latest title whose focus revolves around golfing. The most recent was the original anime Birdie Wing, whose second season concluded in June this year. Other golf-related anime include Dan Doh!! (2004), Pro Golfer Saru (1984), Dr. Typhoon (1991), and the TV special Sorairo Utility (2021).

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