ONE PIECE 25th Anniversary Celebrations Teased for International Fans With New Logo

The official X account for Toei Animation’s North American, South African, Australian, and New Zealander operations debuted the official logo for “ONE PIECE 25th” or “OP25th” — the official names for the One Piece anime’s 25th anniversary. Toei making this announcement available to international fans suggests that the celebrations will also extend outside of Japan:
2024 will be the 25th anniversary of the anime series ONE PIECE! Here’s the special logo made for the anniversary! Stay tuned for what’s happening next year! #ONEPIECE #OP25th.”

insert image of "ONE PIECE 25th" or "OP25th" logo
“One Piece 25th” / OP25th logo

Celebrations are already underway for Japanese audiences, as shown in a new ONE PIECE 25th commercial featuring live-action star Mackenyu, and important associates of the One Piece franchise. It was also revealed that a 24-hour stream on the official One Piece YouTube channel kicks off on October 29. Anytime One Piece will show episodes from the very beginning to the latest and promises to be available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Fans can catch up on the most recent One Piece anime arc, Wano, via Crunchyroll. They describe the final act of the arc:
Luffy’s journey takes him and his group to the ruins of Oden Castle where Kin’emon tells them about the past and his plans to battle at Onigashima. The Straw Hats search for allies in Wano Country, but Kaido isn’t going to let them operate freely under his watchful gaze.

One Piece enters its 25th year with an ongoing manga, multiple movies, ongoing TV anime, and a live-action adaptation.

Source: Toei Animation Official X
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