Nightmare x Deathscythe 02 First Images Are Here!

Hi guys, I hope you’re doing well. Today, I have some interesting news to share. Yesterday, Media Bank made headlines by revealing the first images of Nightmare x Deathscythe 02, the new hentai by director Teruaki Murakami.

This second OVA will also see a lot bondage and sadomasochism, excellent news for fans of those genres.

This second OVA is going to be released on December 1, so don’t forget it.


Rinne, Setsuna, and Yuuka have unknowingly entered an endless abyss of depravity.

Rinne, who inherited the blood of a shinigami, finds herself pregnant with the child of a demon and undergoes a disturbing change within her. Setsuna and Yuuka, too, are surrounded by members of a cult and subjected to sexual torment by a legendary torture artifact.

Witnessing the transformations of their two companions, Rinne is also subjected, and when brought to the brink of despair, the mark of a demon begins to appear.

At that moment, her true power as a carrier of shinigami blood is fully awakened, accompanied by a brilliant flash.


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